At Marin Pirates Masters, we hope to get you to the pool as often as possible so that you receive maximum benefit from all that swimming has to offer. We know you have busy schedules and we recognize that for some of you getting to the pool consistently is a challenge. We have a system that offers our swimmers three payment methods: monthly, swim-card and drop in. Drop-in swimmers may be registered with another USMS team- their USMS membership must be current.

  1. Monthly =  $65 To pay monthly, sign up for the auto-pay bank withdrawal or credit card.  If you choose to pay by check or cash the cost will be $75 to cover the extra administrative work. 
  2. Swim-card = $165 (15 swims)  You may swim as often, or as infrequently as you like. This card is good for up to one year after purchase.  Please pay the coach on deck.
  3. Drop in = $15  You may drop in up to 4 times per month.  Please pay the coach on deck.

Team members are asked to pay using auto-pay (either automatic bank withdrawal or credit card).  All monthly dues payers paying with checks or cash will be charged a monthly $10 fee to cover processing. Those paying via bank withdrawal or credit card will not be charged the monthly $10 fee.  

In order to register for auto-pay or credit card:

  • Log onto your account at
  • Click on My Account
  • Then $ Payment Setup
  • Click on the pull down menu and select Automatically charge CREDIT CARD or Automatically charge my BANK ACCOUNT
  • Click on the Edit link and fill in the data completely and Save Changes
  • Once that window closes, click Save Changes at the bottom right of the page
  • You are now ready to pay electronically

You will receive monthly invoices outlining what your credit card or bank has been debited for and you can review your current and past billing histories through the $ My Invoices/Payments tab on the left of our team website. 

All swimmers must be currently registered with US Masters Swimming.  Please follow these steps to register with USMS:

  1. Log onto the USMS Registration
  2. Follow the prompts and fill in the information
  3. Pay by credit card
  4. Print out a .PDF version of your card

Billing Policy

Masters team members must give a 30 day notice if they decide to switch from a regular monthly paying member to a "drop in" or "pre-paid swim card member" or if they need to take a hiatus. They may change their membership status from regular to "drop-in" or “pre-paid swim card” and then return to regular once in a calendar year.   Late dues may be subject to a $20 late fee.